Album Cover
The Awakening
Released: Aug 11, 2013
Label: Andersonrant recoeds
Track Listing
1 No Control
2 The Wolf Regime
3 Brace For Impact
4 The Awakening
5 Cry Vengeance


EP Launch Gig
Dublin Metal band Wolf Regime officially launched their new EP “The Awakening” in Fibber Magee’s Rock bar last Friday night in front of a large supportive crowd. Photography by Olga Kuzmenko. Articles by Alan Daly and Olga Kuzmenko. [Read More...]
Review: Wolf Regime – ‘The Awakening’
Review: Wolf Regime – ‘The Awakening’
'On their new five-track EP The Awakening that template forms the foundation.But with a four-piece of excellent rhythm and lead players, it is the little details that stand out and also the nice balance between individuality and cohesion.' [Read More...]
First Review Of Our New EP - The Awakening
'The Awakening’ is a great choice of title for Wolf Regime’s latest release. Not only is the titular song the best on the E.P. – it also represents an awakening of sorts for the band themselves. While they were always a fairly solid outfit, ‘The Awakening’ looks set to send them on to the next level – a higher plane of rock n’ roll existence. They’ve taken a strong step in the right direction'
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