Dublin Metal band Wolf Regime officially launched their new EP “The Awakening” in Fibber Magee’s Rock bar last Friday night in front of a large supportive crowd.

Photography by Olga Kuzmenko. Articles by Alan Daly and Olga Kuzmenko. https://www.facebook.com/PhotoArtByOlgaKuzmenko
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Review: Wolf Regime – ‘The Awakening’
'On their new five-track EP The Awakening that template forms the foundation.But with a four-piece of excellent rhythm and lead players, it is the little details that stand out and also the nice balance between individuality and cohesion.' [Read More...]
First Review Of Our New EP - The Awakening
'The Awakening’ is a great choice of title for Wolf Regime’s latest release. Not only is the titular song the best on the E.P. – it also represents an awakening of sorts for the band themselves. While they were always a fairly solid outfit, ‘The Awakening’ looks set to send them on to the next level – a higher plane of rock n’ roll existence. They’ve taken a strong step in the right direction'
Press Clip about this Friday's gig in Drogheda \m/
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Wolf Regime bring their 'No Control' Tour
'...it sounds good. More importantly, so does the band – click on to their site, play the videos and you’ll find that Wolf Regime play some very polished metal sounds with Iron Maiden references and hints of Thin Lizzy bubbling along under the surface...' [Read More...]
Single Review: Her Divinity
'The music here is competently played, with the occasional harmonic ringing alongside an interestingly haunting melody in the chorus.

The band still wears its influences on its studded sleeve- the new wave of British heavy metal clearly inspired this band. Guitars crunch and sing alternately as you’d expect.'
Wolf Regime Feature
"Wolf Regime are a talented and hard-working four-piece. Blending a mix of hard rock and classic metal, the Dublin-based rockers have released two well-received singles: 'Breakout' and the charity single 'Her Divinity'.
One of the main facets of their live gigs and audio releases, is their technical quality. Keith Anderson (bass and vocals), Sean Moroney (guitar), Conor McEvoy (guitar) and Luca Filippini (drums) are instrumentally excellent and accomplished musicians in their own right.
Their songs and lyrics are also well crafted having been honed in Anderson's imagination over a number of years and allied to the positive chemistry within the band, it translates into high quality releases and live performances...
Wolf Regime Take their Charity Tour to Kildare
"The show promises to be highly entertaining with support from local Kildare band ‘Fool The Joker’ and Celtic Metal band, Raw Dawgs.

The Charity single will be available at the gig and is also available on itunes and all major music download sites."
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Wolf Regime’s new single “Her Divinity”.
"A heart-filled song which starts off with a clean guitar riff which progresses into harmonised guitar melodies and sets the mood for this song from the Dublin based four member band.

The bass line entangles a bounce to the song, while the drums drive the song forward into passionate lyrics."

Sarah-Lou Holden (Planet Mosh)
Charity Single Released in Memory of Donna
"On January 18, Keith Brady will officially launch his heartfelt song titled ‘Her Divinity’, which is his way of grieving for the much loved mum-of-two whose untimely death shocked the local community.

Donna, who worked as youth worker in the area, was diagnosed and sadly died from cervical cancer in the space of just 12 months leaving her two young children Katie (9) and Torrie (7) without a mother.

It’s hoped that the charity single will not only raise awareness of cancer but much-needed money for the Irish Cancer Society." [Read More...]
Wolf Regime Charity Single - hotpress.com (subscription)
Wolf Regime Charity Singlehotpress.com (subscription)The single titled 'Her Divinity' was written by band member Keith Anderson, and recorded by Wolf Regime on December 1, after Keith lost his 26 year-old niece Donna recently to a long and humbling battle with cervical cancer. The songs lyrics are ...
New Wolf Regime Single On The Way | Krank.ie
The track promises to be something a little bit different from their previous output; a dedication to the memory of bassist/vocalist Keith Anderson's niece Donna, who tragically passed away recently at only 26 years of age.
Wolf Regime
"Their live shows are getting very good reviews, which is where it really counts for bands like this. Their next release should tell a lot about them and where they're headed musically. Definitely a band worth watching out for." [Read More...]
Review: Wolf Regime – “Breakout”
Wolf Regime are a new Irish band and they are as metal as metal can be. Their music has a distinct ring of Iron Maiden and this is certainly no bad thing!!

In the self title song. The guitars are blistering and there’s an anthemic anti-authoritarian chorus. The verses are palm muted, tight and it feels like the song’s going to burst into triplets at any time. It’s a traditional metal song which recalls old videos of men in leather singing on Scottish moors. Which, I am sure, is exactly what the band were looking for.

The third track, For No One, is the stand out track for me: all harmonised guitars in 7ths with half step changes recalling the music of horror films. In fact, I am sure I also detected some Raining Blood in the DNA of this song. The opposite of Breakout, it feels like the music shifts form deliberately in interesting ways. It is here that I would say Wolf Regime show their potential and if they are clever they could expand on the strengths they show here and become a really interesting listen.

Definitely worth a listen if you have fond memories of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal or just love duelling guitars.

The Verdict:

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